We all have our favourite commercials which we can’t help but love… unless you’re a boring sod and absolutely despise commercials, of course. Not every commercial has artistic depth, I agree (think of those bloody annoying Cillit Bang ads with the overly-obnoxious Barry Scott screaming down your earholes). But to me, commercials aren’t just about the cliché sort of “advertising something” or “selling a product” – it’s about the creativity behind them. We may not necessarily go out of our way to buy the associated product at the end of the commercial, but that doesn’t stop us appreciating the creativity, and brilliance of that commercial. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I need to go outdoors more. But I have always absolutely adored commercials since I was a young child.


Tobacco is the single biggest cause of cancer in the world, killing nearly 6 million people each year – with half of its users gradually being killed by smoking-related diseases. In order to tackle tobacco use and highlight its consequences on not just smokers themselves, but also others around them, hard-hitting anti-tobacco advertisements have been created to graphically portray the consequences of smoking. This countdown includes 40 of the most graphic, shocking and effective anti-smoking commercials to have ever been produced.